Sunday, 4 November 2012

Laser Slicer (v0.5)

I've uploaded a new version of the Laser Slicer script to the 'scripts' page. This new version writes out SVG polygons instead of lines. I've done this as a first step to modifying the script to make architectural model sections. As SVG polygons positions can only be written as pixel positions I have included a DPI selection dialogue  If the DPI is set to the DPI of the machine controlling the laser cutting than the scale should be correct. I have not heavily tested this so comments welcome on that front.
Another thing to be aware of is that this version of the script will absolutely not take non-manifold geometry, whereas the old version would; an example of this is Suzanne's head which, surprisingly, is non-manifold. So check geometry first. I'll add a warning flag for this at some point, but that is for another day.
If you are using the script purely for laser cutting you can keep using the old script with its non-manifold forgiveness.

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